This episode is dedicated to the memory of John Whitmore.
  • A few items from the mailbag
  • reminder about our fabulous contest — compose a limerick whose final word is a camera brand!
  • Gabe’s Speed Graphic + two birthday acquisitions: Nikon FM3a and Pentax 6x7
  • Jeff’s ConSol didn’t work, so bring on the Electro Spotmatic!
  • Our Pentax show!
    • the mighty Pentax 6x7 and its siblings
    • Spotmatic… Spotmatic F… Electro Spotmatic
    • The K1000, basically a Spotmatic F with a bayonet mount (but no timer or DOF preview! you can do better!)
    • The rest of the K series, including Jeff’s one-of-a-kind half-frame KX
    • The MEME Super SE... and the weird half-frame medical MF
    • Pentax Auto 110 and Auto 110 Super
  • KEH just opened a brick and mortar store in Atlanta!
  • Our shooting plans for the coming weeks
  • And finally! Check out the great new IDOC character shirts launching this week in the merch section of our website!
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