Alex and Emma are back with their fourth episode! In this episode we tackle the difficult and dangerous world of DMs in the film space. We talk about ...View Details

thanks to the lords of Sunny 16, we now have our own podcast feed! a lightning round to empty our prodigious mailbag - limit one sentence per email! G...View Details

Emma on Instagram: @sprocketrun Crash Birmingham: @crashbirmingham Crash Birmingham -   We talked a little abo...View Details

Quirky Cameras #10

Ian Fleming IG Flickr   Kodak Folding Pocket Brownie 3A https://mikeeckman.c...View Details

Alex and Emma are back for episode three to discuss an age old question in film photography, does gear really matter? In this episode we get into the ...View Details

A blockbuster XL episode in which our friends Chris Chu and Rafael Hernandez help Gabe decide which cameras to bring to New York Fashion Week. Also, y...View Details

Kurt’s website:  Kurt on Instagram: @kurtozan251 A couple of songs Kurt plays on:“Fall in Love” by Bailey Zimmerman - https:/...View Details

Rob’s website: Rob on Instagram: @rkphotographic_rob   Theme song “Timeless” by Mike Gutterman - mikegutterman.ban...View Details

We always encourage the teeming millions to converse with us via eye dream of cam rahs at gee male dot calm, and in this episode, we attempt to empty ...View Details

The conclusion of Dave's first attempts at learning colour darkroom printing.   Dave on Instagram: @davethewalker80   Music: Positive Fat Bass Intro L...View Details

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