Episode 18 • Fast and Furious 18
It’s a pulse-pounding thrill-ride (but really, the theme is family) as Jeff and Gabe attempt to cover 18 topics in 60 minutes. Among the items discussed:
  1. our week in acquisitions and repairs
  2. emails from the teeming masses, including a masterpiece by James Thorpe
  3. who made that film? check out tinyurl.com/whatisthatfilm
  4. research and acquisition - Jeff throws a camera at Gabe and he researches it on the spot
  5. bulk-loading cassettes are a problem!
  6. Robert Capa and Vivian Maier and mythmaking
  7. our recommended cameras in the $300 range
  8. patience and willingness to learn something new
  9. doing your own printing (darkroom or inkjet)
  10. focus points
  11. homemade cameras, 3D printing… the failure of the Reflex, the success of Cameradactyl
  12. what famous photographer used my camera?
  13. what’s the sexiest shutter sound? what analog camera provided the shutter sound of the iPhone?
  14. sprocket holes and fake rebates
  15. the Leica/Hasselblad mystique - what other cameras have an “aura”?
  16. pricey new films - Open That Film Night!
  17. love to Mike Gutterman and Rachel + Constance Mallory Brewster-Wright
  18. our upcoming camera giveaway! and our banner and stickers
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