Episode 20 • Catch Up, Soup and Purée
Another freewheeling episode spanning a wide range of topics:
  • thank-yous from Gabe for his NYFW adventure
  • the mailbag
  • recapping this week's Beers & Cameras events
  • we miss the Pasadena camera show! how are y’all coping?
  • we've tried hitting the thrift stores — where are the film cameras?
  • Gabe makes good on his Marie Nikondo vow — use your underused cameras, or get rid of ‘em! think of that 22-year-old graduate student at UT Austin!
  • Jeff’s new acquisition: the Canon 50mm 1.4 for Leica screwmount
  • Jeff is not doing color processing anymore
  • Polaroid Color SX-70 film is not very sharp
  • follow-up to our previous discussion of Vivian Maier
  • since Facebook & Instagram were down this week, let’s talk social media: is it net positive or net negative?
  • camera spotlight: our favorite point and shoots
  • coming soon: our camera giveaway!
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