I dream of Cameras #3

Jeff Greenstein and Gabe Sachs return with episode 3 of their fabulous podcast. Topics this time out include: • Lens collecting: is it exciting? • Fla...View Details

In this episode we talk to film photographer Alex Purcell, who also co-hosts the Soot and Whitewash Film podcast about Herk Harveys 1962 film Carnival...View Details

In this episode we talk to photographer and writer Lisa Toboz from Pittsburgh, USA.  Her work is a visual diary rooted in travel, memory, and personal...View Details

On this show, Alex Morrison talks us through the beta testing he's been doing for the new Stearman Press Ultra 4 Large Format developer, and the resul...View Details

On this episode of On Location, Christian Strauf and Jonathon Becker take us into the wonderful world of developing with Caffenol.   Links        • Cl...View Details

In this episode we talk to film and television editor Ben Mills, who has worked on films such as The King’s Man, Mission Impossible, The Secret Garden...View Details

In this episode of 'The Darkroom Sessions' John joins Chris O'Connell (virtually) in his darkroom for a chat about his fascinating and vegetable based...View Details

Underexposed is back, with a perfect chat for Polaroid week! This time Rachel is joined by our very own Clare Marie Bailey, and the wonderful guest Ca...View Details

In this episode of On Location, Bill Thoo talks us through the experience and practice making beautiful images of the night sky on film. It's an inspi...View Details

This is a show about me trying to justify my purchase of a 3rd 4x5 camera. In the process I spoke to the maker of the camera, Steve Lloyd from Chroma ...View Details

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